being a collection of all of someone's ideas on what word follows which.


abhorrence of
abound with
abounding in
absolve from
abundant with /on
accord with
acquiesce in
acquit of
adapted for (by nature)
adapted to (purpose)
admit of
affinity between
afflict with
agree on (a matter or point)
agree to (a proposal)
agree with (a person, statement, opinion)
aggravate by
alien to
amenable to
angry at / about a thing
angry with a person (or at to stress the anger itself)
associated with
averse to/ from
begin by doing something
begin from a point
begin with an act
benefits of the benefactor
benefits to the beneficiary
bestow upon
bored with or by (not of)
capable of
capacity for
centre on
change for (a thing)
change with (a person)
chary of
cognizant of
compare to (to show similarities)
compare with (to note points of difference)
compatible with
comply with
under the conditions
confer on (to bestow upon)
confer with
confide in (trust in)
confide to (entrust to)
conform to
in conformity with
congratulate on
connive at
consequent upon
content oneself with
content others by
contrast (v.) with
contrast (n.) to or with
convenient for (purpose)
convenient to (person)
conversant with
correspond to (a thing; resemble)
correspond with (a person)
deficient in
derogatory to
die for (a cause)
die of (an illness)
differ from (be different)
differ with (disagree)
different from
disappointed of (what we cannot have)
disappointed in (what we have)
dissent from (not to )
distaste for
embark money in
embark on a ship, career
essential to
exception to (a rule, statement)
exempt from
forbid to do
free from or of
glad at (a piece of news)
glad of (a possession)
guiltless of
identical with
impatient of (things)
impatient with (persons)
impervious to
immune from an obligation
immune to a disease
incidental to
inculcate upon someone (not with)
independent of
indicative of
ineligible for
infected with
infested with
inflict upon
influence over/ with (a person)
influence on /upon/ in (persons or things)
infuse into someone
(take the) initiative in
(on one's own) initiative
insensible to
insight into
inspired by
instil into
invest in a business
invest with an office
involve in
irrespective of
join in a game
join with a person or thing
labor at a task
labor for a person, an end
labor in a cause
labor under disadvantages
live by labor
live for riches
martyr for (a cause)
martyr to (a disease, etc.)
at a moment's notice
on the spur of the moment
negligent of (noun)
oblivious of (not to )
parallel with or to
part from (persons)
part with (things)
perpendicular to
point at a thing
point to a fact
possessed of wealth
possessed with an idea
prefer one to the other
preferable to
preference for
prevail against (things)
prevail upon (persons)
provide (someone) with (something)
profuse in
profusion of
provide against ill luck
provide for an emergency
pursuant to
in pursuance of
recommend that she do (not "recommend her to do")
reconcile to (thing)
reconcile with (person)
regard as
with reference to (not " in reference to")
regard for a person
with regard to a subject
relevant to
bring relief to suffering
replace with (but "is replaced by ")
report on or to (not into)
resentful of
responsible for (something)
responsible to (someone)
result from an event
result in a failure
the result of an investigation
find satisfaction in an improvement
the satisfaction of knowing
give satisfaction to a person
satisfied of (fact)
satisfied with (things)
secure against attack
secure from harm
secure in a position
sensitive to
substitute for
suggest that he do (not "suggest him to do")
susceptible to
taste for (art, etc.)
taste of (food)
thirst for / after (knowledge)
unconscious of (not to)
at variance on topics
at variance with a person



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