The Stamp Act

a collection of the enterprises of
Jim Lingerfelt and Roger Kershaw
of Toronto, Ontario.

and having nothing whatever to do with the Stamp Act of 1789.

Stage Door theatre reviews and news from Southwestern Ontario, the heartland of live professional theatre. Over 50 theatres include Stratford, Shaw, Blyth, and other area festivals, Huron Country Playhouse, The Grand (and McManus) Theatre, Theatre on the Grand (Fergus), Sanderson Centre, Theatre Orangeville, Theatre & Company, Lighthouse, Dundas, Aquarius, and links to other stages in Southwestern Ontario (even -ye gads- Toronto), with a growing collection of reviews. Your reviews and comments are welcome.

Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast -- simply the best in Toronto! But don't take our word for these!

Word traps and almost pointless editing minutiae collected over a lifetime of pratfalls. Here are a few collected in years of stumbling through this beautiful language in three versions, American, Canadian and British:

Aviation Photography by Roger Kershaw. Really cool shots of some great flying machines by a renowned aviation photojournalist.

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