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The Review Archives
[Please note: The actual photographs have been removed from many of the archived reviews, but the references to the photographs may remain, so you may get those funny little Question Mark boxes instead.]

100, du Maurier Theatre Centre (2003)
The Abduction from the Seraglio, Opera Ontario (2005)
Absolutely Chekov
, Soulpepper (2002)
The Affections of May, Waterloo Stage Theatre (1998)
After Magritte, Theatre & Company, Kitchener (2000)
After the Fal, Equity Showcase Theatre (2004)
Agamemnon, Stratford Festival (2003)
Ah Wilderness, Shaw Festival (2004)
Ain't Misbehavin'
,Theatre Aquarius (1997)
Albert Herring, University of Toronto (2001)
The Alchemist, Stratford Festival (1999)
All's Well That Ends Well, Stratford Festival (2002)
All's Well that Ends Well, Ken Whillans Square (2005)

Angel Street, Theatre & Company (1996/97)
Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches, Canadian Stage Company (1996/1997)
Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika, Canadian Stage Company (1996/1997)
Annie, Huron Country Playhouse (1996)
Annie, The Grand Theatre (2005)

Annie Mae's Movement, Native Canadian Centre (2001)
Antony and Cleopatra, Stratford Festival (2003)
Anything Goes, Stratford Festival (2004)
Anything That Moves, Tarragon Theatre (2001)
The Apple Cart, Shaw Festival (2000)
Arcadia, Canadian Stage Company (1996/1997)
Arms and the Man , Shaw Festival (2006)
As You Like It, Stratford Festival Theatre (1996)
As You Like It, Stratford Festival (2005)

L'Avenir est dans les Oeufs, Théâtre français de Toronto (2001)
The Attic, the Pearls and Three Fine Girls, Alumnae Theatre
The Autumn Garden , Shaw Festival (2005)

The Bald Soprano, Soulpepper (2001)
Barndance Live!, Blyth Festival Theatre (1996)
Bathroom Humor, Theatre Sarnia (2007)
The Battle of Stalingrad: A Requiem, Rezo Gabriadze Theatre-Studio (2002)
The Bear - & - The Yalta Game, Touchmark Theatre (2006)
Beast on the Moon, Theatre Passe Muraille (1997)
Beau Jest, Theatre & Company (1998)
Beautiful City , Alumnae Theatre (2002) to Oct 12
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
, Princess of Wales Theatre (1996-97)
Beauty and the Beast, Grand Theatre (2006)
Bell, Book and Candle Touchmark Theatre (2007)
Belle Moral: A Natural History,  Shaw Festival (2005)
Bereav'd of Light, Stratford Festival (2002)
Betrayal, Soulpepper (2000)
Billy Bishop Goes to War, The Canadian Stage Company (1998)
Billy Budd, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
The Birds, Stratford Festival (2003)
Blessings, Tarragon Theatre (1996/1997)
Blessings in Disguise, Touchmark Theatre (2005)
The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead, Stratford Festival (2006)
Blood Brothers, The Royal Alexandra Theatre (1996)
Blood Relations, Shaw Festival (2003)
Blue Man Group, Panasonic Theatre (2005-06)
Bluebeard's Castle, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
Bonhoeffer,  Fringe Festival (2005)
Boardwalk - the Doo Wop Musical, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia (2007)
Booze Days in Dry Country, Blyth Festival (1997)
Boris Godunov, Canadian Opera Company (2002)
Boxhead, Factory Theatre (2000)
Brachetti, Mirvish Productions (Canon) (2002)
The Brothers Karamazov,  Startford Festival (2005)
Buddy, Princess of Wales Theatre (1997)
Bus Stop,
  Shaw Festival (2005)
Caesar and Cleopatra, Shaw Festival (2002)
, Stratford Festival (1997)
Carmen, Cdn Opera Company (2005)
The Cassilis Engagement, Shaw Festival (2007)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Grand Theatre (1995/96)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,  Startford Festival (2005)
The Case of the Curious Cabaret, Theatre & Company (1997)
Cavalleria rusticana, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
The Chairs, Artword Theatre (2001)
Charley's Aunt, Theatre Orangeville(1999)
Cheatin' Hearts, 
Victoria Playhouse (2005)
, Princess of Wales Theatre (1998)
Chicago. Imperial Theatre Sarnia (2005)
The Children's Hour, Shaw Festival (1997)
The Chocolate Soldier, Shaw Festival (1997)
Chocolate Soldier , Toronto Operetta Theatre (2003-04)
A Chorus of Disapproval, Soulpepper (2002)
A Christmas Carol, Soulpepper Theatre (2001)
A Christmas Carol, Soulpepper Theatre (2001) remounted by Premier Dance Theatre (2002-3)
Cinderella, Aquarius Theatre (1998)
Cinderella, Pantages Theatre (2001)
Cinderella in Muddy York, Taragon Theatre (2002-03)
The Circle, Shaw Festival (2007
The Clearing, Theatre & Company (1997)
Closer, Canadian Stage Company (2001)
A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, Victoria Playhouse (2006)
Cocktails at Pam's, Waterloo Stage Theatre (1998)
Collected Stories, Stratford Festival (2000)
The Comedy of Errors Stratford Festival (2007)

A Common Man's Guide to Loving Women, The Canadian Stage Company (1999)
The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged), Waterloo Stage Theatre (1999)
Confessions of a Dirty Blonde,  Victoria Playhouse (2005)
The Conjuror Part 2, Shaw Festival (1997)
The Constant Wife, Shaw Festival (2005)
Cookin' at the Cookery, Grand Theatre London (2005)
Coriolanus, Stratford Festival (1997)
Coriolanus, Stratford Festival (2006)
The Count of Monte Cristo, Stratford Festival (2004)
Counterfeit Secrets , Pleiades Theatre Artwood (2002)
Countess Maritza, Toronto Operetta Theatre (2004)
Could You Wait?, Grand Theatre (2007)
The Crucible, Theatre Aquarius (2001)
The Crucible , Shaw Festival (2006)
Cymbeline, Stratford Festival (2004)
The Cryptogram, Tarragon Theatre (1996/1997)
Dads, Victoria Playhouse (2005)
Dads 2: The Todler's Revenge
, Victoria Playhouse (2006)
Dear Santa, Theatre Sarnia (2006)
Death of a Salesman, Stratford Festival (1997)
Death Trap, Waterloo Stage Theatre (1999)
Design for Living, Shaw Festival (2006)
A Delicate Balance, Theatre and Company (2001)
A Delicate Balance, Stratford Festival (2007)
The Devil's Disciple, Shaw Festival Theatre (1996)
The Designated Mourner, Tarragon Theatre (1997)
Detective Story, Shaw Festival (2002)
Die Fledermaus, Toronto Operetta Theatre (2004)
The Dispute,  Fringe Festival (2005)
Doctor's Dilemma, Shaw Festival (2000)
The Doll House, Berkeley Street Theatre (2000)
Don Juan , Stratford Festival (2006)
The Donnellys: Sticks & Stones,  Stratford Festival (2005)
Down Dangerous Passes Road, Factory Theatre (2001)
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - A Love Story, Canadian Stage Company (1995/96)
Dracula, The Grand Theatre (1995/96)
Dracula, Stratford Festival (1999)
The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi, Odonata & Solar Stage (2002)
The Drawer Boy, Winter Garden Theatre (2001)
The Drawer Boy, Touring Production (2001)
The Duchess, Theatre Passe Muraille (1998)
The Duchess of Malfi , Stratford Festival (2006)
Earshot, Tarragon Theatre (2001)
Easy Virtue, Shaw Festival (2000)
The Edible Woman, Canadian Stage Company (2002)
Edward II ,  Startford Festival (2005)
Edward III, York Quay Centre (2000)
8 to the Bar, Theatre on the Grand (1997)
Eight to the Bar, Theatre in Port (2004)
18 Wheels, Theatre on the Grand (1999)
Einstein's Gift
,Grand Theatre(2006)
El Barberillo de Lavapiés
, Toronto Opera Theatre (2005)
Stratford Festival (2003)
Elephant Song ,
Stratford Festival (2004)
Elisa's Skin,
Tarragon Theatre (2001)
Elizabeth Rex, Stratford Festival (2000)
Erwartung Canadian Opera Company (2001)
Equus, Stratford Festival (1997)
Eternal Hydra, Stratford Festival (2002)
Eugene Onegin, Opera Ontario (2001)
Fallen Angels, Stratford Festival (2005)
Fanny Kemble , Stratford Festival (2006)
Fanny's First Play, Shaw Festival (2001)
The Far Side of the Moon, Premiere Dance Theatre (2000)
The Farm Show, University of Toronto - Erindale (1993)
The Fellini Radio Plays, Stratford Festival (2002)
Fiddler on the Roof
, Stratford Festival (2000)
Fiddler on the Roof, Imperial Productions, Sarnia

Filumena, Stratford Festival (1997)
Finnegans Wake, Tarragon Theatre (2001)
Fire in the Head, Imperial Oil Opera Theatre (2000)
Fireworks, Blyth Festival Theatre (1996)
A Fitting Confusion, Stratford Festival Theatre (1996)
A Flea in Her Ear, Elgin Theatre / Soulpepper (2001)
The Flies, Stratford Festival (2003)
Floyd Collins, Shaw Festival (2004)
Footfalls, York Quay Studio Theatre (2000)
For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again, Grand Theatre (2007)
The Four Lives of Marie, Tarragon Theatre (1997)
The Foursome, Grand Theatre London (2005)
Frankie and Johnny in The Clair de lune, Birdland Theatre (2004)
Fully Committed, Winter Garden Theatre (2001)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Grand Theatre (2001)
The Gambler, Artword Theatre (2006)
, Stratford Festival (2006)
Gigi, Stratford Festival (2003)
Girl in the Goldfish Bowl, Tarragon Theatre (2002)
Giulio Cesare in Egitto, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
Give My Regards to Broadway, SWOntario Tour (2005)
The Glass Menagerie, Tarragon Theatre (1996/1997)
The Glass Menagerie, Royal Alexandra (1997)
The Glass Menagerie, Touchmark Theatre (2003)
The Glass Menagerie, CanStage, (2005)
The Glass Menagerie, Stratford Festival (2006)
The Goat or Who is Sylvia?, Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa (2004)
Godspell, Waterloo Stage Theatre (1999)
The Good Life Tarragon Theatre (2002)
Good Mother, Stratford Festival (2001)
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), The Grand Theatre (1995/96)
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), CanStage (2001)
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet). Touchmark Theatre, Markham Theatre (2005)
The Graduate, Grand Theatre (2006)
Great Expectations
, The Grand Theatre (1996/1997)
Gumboots, Pantages Theatre / SFX (2001)
Gunmetal Blues, Theatre Aquarius (1997)
Guys and Dolls, Stratford Festival (2004)
The Gwendolyn Poems, Factory Theatre Artwood (2002)
Gynty Theatre Columbus, Factory Studio Theatre (2002)
Gypsy, Shaw Festival (2005)
Gypsy Violins,
Toronto Operetta Theatre (2007)
Habitat, Canadian Stage Company (2001)
Hairspray, Princess of Wales Theatre (2004-5)
Half Life, Necessary Angel and Taragon Theatre (2005)
Hamlet, Stratford Festival (2000)
Hamlet, Premiere Dance Theatre (2002)
Happy, Canadian Stage (2001)
Happy Days , Soulpepper Theatre, et al (2003)
Happy End,  Shaw Festival (2005)
Hard Hearts, Canadian Stage Company (1995/96)
Harlem Duet, Nightwood Theatre (1997)
Harlem Duet, Stratford Festival (2006)
Having Hope at Home , The Red Barn Theatre (2005)
Hay Fever , Shaw Festival (2002)
The Heiress, Shaw Festival (2006)
Hello, Dolly!, Stratford Festival (2005)
Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2, Stratford Festival (2001)
Henry IV Part 1 , Stratford Festival (2006)
Henry V, Stratford Festival (2001)
Henry VI (Parts 1, 2 & 3), Stratford Festival (2002)
Henry VIII , Stratford Festival (2004)
Here on the Flight Path, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia (2007)
High-Gravel-Blind, Stratford Festival (2002)
High Society , Shaw Festival (2006)
His Majesty, Shaw Festival (2002)
Hobson's Choice, Shaw Festival Theatre (1996)
The Hollow, Shaw Festival (1996)
Hosanna, Buddies in Bad Times (2001)
Hotel Peccadillo, Shaw Festival (2007)
The Hound of the Baskervilles, Huron Country Playhouse (1996)
The House of Bernarda Alba, Shaw Festival (2002)
The House of Martin Guerre, Canadian Stage Company (1997)
Human Voice , Stratford Festival (2004)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame , Stratford Festival (2003)
Hunting Stuart, Weston Little Theatre (1999)
Hunting Stuart, Ausable Theatre, Lucan (2000)
Hysteria, Canadian Stage (2000)
I, Claudia, Tarragon Theatre (2002, 2004)
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, New Yorker Theatre (1997)
Il barbiere di Siviglia, Opera Ontario ( 2003)
Il barbiere di Siviglia, Centre in the Square (2003)
The Ideal Husband, Stratford Festival (2007)
Idomeneo, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
If Cows Could Fly, Artword Theatre (2001)
If We Are Women, The Grand Theatre (1995/96)
Il Tabarro, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
Il Viaggio a Reims, Canadian Opera Company (2002)
The Importance of Being Earnest, Shaw Festival (2004)
In Good King Charles's Golden Days, Shaw Festival (1997)
Indian Ink, CanStage (2002)
Inherit the Wind, Stratford Festival (2001)
Insomnia, Necessary Angel (2006)
Into the Woods,Stratford Festival (2005)
The Invisible Man , Shaw Festival (2006)
Iron Road, Tapestry New Opera Works (2001)
Jacques ou la Soumission, Théâtre français de Toronto (2001)
Jane Eyre, Royal Alexandra Theatre (1996/1997)
Jeux d’amour et de folie, Théâtre français de Toronto (2005)
John Bull's Other Island, Shaw Festival (1998) Guest Review by Jonathan Harrison
Jolson, The Musical
, Royal Alexandra Theatre (1997)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Elgin Theatre (Livent) (1997-Donny Osmond)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Elgin Theatre (Livent) (1997-David Burnham)
Journey's End, Shaw Festival (2005)
Joyful Noise
, Theatre & Company (1999)
The Jubilee, Taragon Theatre (2000)
Julius Caesar , Canadian Opera Company (2002)
Jump, Theatre Passe Muraille (2001)
Juno and the Paycock, Stratford Festival (1997)
Jupiter in July, Theatre Aquarius (1996)
Keely and Du, Canadian Stage Company (1995/96)
The Kiltartan Comedies, Shaw Festival (2007)
The King and I, Stratford Festival (2003)
King John, Stratford Festival (2004)
King Lear, Stratford Festival (1996)
King Lear , Stratford Festival (2002)
King Lear, Stratford Festival (2007)
King Phoenix, Ausable Theatre (2001)
Kingdom of Earth, Touchmark Theatre Company, River Run Centre in Guelph (1999)
Kitchen Witches,  Victoria Playhouse Petolia (2005)
Kooza, Cirque de Soleil Toronto (2007)
Krapp's Last Tape, York Quay Studio Theatre (2000)
La Boheme , Opera Ontario Hamilton ((2002)
La Bohème, Company Opera Company (2005)
La Critique de "L'École des femmes" & Le Mariage forcé , Théâtre français de Toronto (2002)
La Fanciulla del West, Hummingbird Centre (2001)
La Ronde, Soulpepper (2001)
Lady in the Dark, Toronto Operetta Theatre (2006)
Lady Windermere's Fan, Shaw Festival (1998)
The Lady's Not for Burning, Shaw Festival (1998)
Lakmé, Opera Ontario (2003)
The Land of Smiles, Jane Mallett Theatre (2002-03)
The Lark , Startford Festival (2005)
Later Life
, Canadian Stage Company (1995/96)
Later Life, The Grand Theatre (1995/96)
Larry's Party, Canadian Stage (2001)
Laura, Shaw Festival (2001)
L'Elisir d'amore, Opera Ontario (2001)
Le Visiteur, Théâtre français de Toronto (2003)
Leo, The Royal Cadet, Toronto Operetta Theatre (2001)
Les Derniers Devoirs, Théâtre français de Toronto (2002)
Les femmes savantes, Théâtre français de Toronto (2003)
Les Pêcheurs des perles, Opera Ontario (2002)
The Lesson, Soulpepper (2001)
Lettice and Lovage, Theatre and Company (2002)
L'Incoronazione di Poppea, Opera Atelier, Elgin Theatre (2002)
The Liar , Stratford Festival (2006)
The Lion in Winter, Theatre & Company (1998)
The Lion King , Princess of Wales Theatre (2000-04)
Lips Together, Teeth Apart, Canadian Stage Company (1995/96)
The Little Foxes, Stratford Festival Theatre (1996)
Little Mercy's First Murder, Taragon Theatre (2003)

Little Women, Stratford Festival (1997)
A Little Night Music, The Grand Theatre (1995/96)
A Little Night Music, Canadian Stage Company (1995/96)
London Assurance , Stratford Festival (2006)
The Lonesome West, Canadian Stage Company (2002)
Looking,  Victoria Playhouse (2005)
LookingPort Stanley (2005)
Lord of the Rings, Princess of Wales Theatre (2006)
The Lost Boys, Canadian Stage Company (2002)
Love Among the Russians, Shaw Festival (2006)
Love from a Stranger, Shaw Festival (2001)
Lovin', Lying' and Leavin', Theatre Aquarius (1997)
Lucas et Cécile, Glenn Gould Studio (2001)
Ma Belle Mabel, Blyth Festival Theatre (1996)
Macbeth, HurlyBurly (2000-01)
Macbeth , Stratford Festival (2004)
Mack and Mable , Shaw Festival (2007)
The Madras House, Shaw Festival (1999)
The Magic Fire, Shaw Festival (2006)
The Magic Flute,
Opera Atelier (2001)
The Magic Flute, Canadian Opera Company (2005)
The Maids, Soulpepper Theatre (2002) to Oct 3
Magnetism of the Heart, Premiere Dance Theatre (2003)
Major Barbara, Shaw Festival (1998)
Major Barbara, Shaw Festival (2005)
Mamma Mia!, Royal Alexandra Theatre (2000-05)
Man and Superman, Shaw Festival (2004)
A Man for All Seasons, Stratford Festival (1998)
Man of La Mancha, Stratford Festival (1998)
Man of La Mancha, Heritage Theatre (2006)
The Man Who Came to Dinner, Shaw Festival (2001)
The Mantini Sisters' Moments to Remember, Petrolis (2005)
Mass Appeal, Huron Country Playhouse (1997)
The Master Builder, Royal Alexandra Theatre (1995)
The Matchmaker, Shaw Festival (2000)
A Matter of Time, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia (2007)
Me & My Girl, Huron Country Playhouse (1996)
Me & My Girl, Hamilton Theatre Inc (1998)
Measure for Measure, Stratford Festival (2005)
The Measure of Love,  Stratford Festival (2005)
Medea, Stratford Festival (2000)
Médée, Opera Atelier (2002)
Melville Boys, Blyth Festival (1997)
The Memory of Water, Winter Garden Theatre (2000)
Mending Fences, Theatre in Port (2006)
Mephisto, Equity Showcase Theatre, (2001)
The Merchant of Venice, Stratford Festival Theatre (1996)
The Merchant of Venice, Stratford Festival (2001)
The Merchant of Venice, Stratford Festival (2007)
Merrily We Roll Along, Shaw Festival (2002)
The Merry Widow, Opera Ontario, Hamilton Place, and Centre in the Square, Kitchener (2001)
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Stratford Festival (1995)
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Stratford Festival (1999)
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Theatre Passe Muraille, (2001)
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Stratford Festival (2004)
A Midsummer Night's Dream Project, Cabbagetown Theatre (Fringe 2000)
A Midwinter Night's Dream, Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, (2003)
The Mikado, Toronto Operetta Theatre (2003)
The Mill on the Floss, Premiere Dance Theatre (2000)
The Millionairess, Shaw Festival (2001)
The Miracle Worker, Theatre Aquarius (1998)
Miss Julie, Soupepper (2002)
Mojo, Theatrefront (2002)
Molly Sweeney, Canadian Stage Company (1998)
A Month in the Country, Shaw Festival (2007)
Moon over Buffalo, Theatre Aquarius (1997/98)
Moon over the Brewery, Weston Little Theatre (1998)
Moonlight and Magnolias , Grand Theatre (2007) till Jan 27
Movin' Out, Canon Theatre (2005)
Mr Cinders, Shaw Festival Theatre (1996)
Mrs Warren's Profession, Shaw Festival (1997)
Much Ado About Nothing, Stratford Festival (2006)
The Music Man, Stratford Festival Theatre (1996)
My Fair Lady, Stratford Festival (2002)
My One and Only, Stratford Festival (2007)
The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Shaw Festival (2001)
Nathan the Wise, Soulpepper (2004)
'night Mother, Eclectic Theatre, Artword Theatre (2001)
Night of the Assasins, Taragon Theatre (2001)
Night of the Iquana, Stratford Festival (1998)
Nikola Subic Zrinjski, Living Arts Centre (2002)
No Exit, Stratford Festival (2003)
Noises Off!, Huron Country Playhouse (1997)
A Number, CanStage Theatre (2006)
Nunsensations, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia (2007)
The Odyssey, Stratford Festival (2007)
Oedipus Rex
, Canadian Opera Company (2002)
Of Mice and Men, Stratford Festival (2007)
Oklahoma! Grand Theatre London (2005)
Oklahoma!, Theatre Aquarius (2006)
Oklahoma!, Stratford Festival (2007)
The Old Ladies, Shaw Festival (2002)
The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, Shaw Festival (2002)
Oliver!, Stratford Festival (2006)
On the Twentieth Century, Shaw Festival (2003)
One Good Marriage, Theatre Passe Muraille (2004)
Oresteia, du Maurier Theatre Centre (2000)
Orpheus and Eurydice
, Opera Atelier (2007)
Orpheus Descending , Alumnae Theatre (2002)
Orpheus Descending,  Startford Festival (2005)
Oui, Factory Theatre (1998)
Othello, Stratford Festival (2007)
Our Country's Good, Tarragon Theatre Extra Space (2001)
Outlaw , Port Dalhousie (2004)
Pal Joey, Shaw Festival (2004) until Oct 30Pains of Youth, Theatre Voce (2001)
Passion, Canadian Stage Company (1997)
The Passion of Narcisse Mondoux, Blyth Festival (2001)
Past Perfect , Tarragon Theatre (2006)
Patience, by Jason Sherman (1998)
A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot, Solar Stage (1999)
Pélagie, Canstage (2004)
Pentecost, Stratford Festival (2007)
Perfect Wedding, Victoria Playhouse (2007)
Pericles, Royal Bank Festival of Classics (2001)
Pericles, Stratford Festival (2003)
Peter Pan, Elgin Theatre (2000/01)
Peter Pan, Shaw Festival (2001)
Phèdre, Soulpepper Theatre (2003) till Aug 16, 2003
Philadelphia, Here I Come, Ausable Theatre (2000)
The Philanderer, Shaw Festival (2007)
A Phoenix Too Frequent , Touchmark Theatre (2004)
Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Canadian Stage (2001)
Picnic, Shaw Festival (2001)
The Pirate Widow Cheng, Tarragon Theatre (2002)
Plan B , Tarragon Theatre (2002)
The Playboy of the Western World, Shaw Festival Theatre (1996)
The Playboy of the Western World, Touchmark Theatre (2001)
The Play's the Thing, Soulpepper (2003)
Platonov, Soulpepper Theatre (2000)
The Pleasure of Seeing Her Again, Bluma Appel Theatre (2000)
Pollyanna, Petrolia Community Theatre (2006), till Dec 17
Portia Coughlan, University of Toronto (2001)
The Power of the Dog, Equity Showcase Theatre (2004)
Present Laughter, Soulpepper (2001)
Present Laughter, Stratford Festival (2003)
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Stratford Festival (1998)
Private Lives, The Grand Theatre (1996/1997)
Private Lives, Canadian Stage Company (1996/1997)
Private Lives, Stratford Festival (2001)
Prophètes sans dieu, Théâtre français de Toronto (2003)
Psycho Beach Party, TAGLARC, Betty Oiliphant (1996)
The Qualities of Zero, Jack in the Black Theatre (2001)
Queen Milli of Galt, Theatre and Company (2001)
The Queen of Spades, Canadian Opera Company (2002)
Quiet in the Land, Blyth Festival (1997)
Quiet in the Land, Stratford Festival (2003)
Racing Demon, Royal Alexandra Theatre (1998)
Ragtime, Ford Centre for the Performing Arts (North York)
Rashomon, Shaw Festival Theatre (1996)

The Real Inspector Hound, Theatre & Company, Kitchener (2000)
The Real McCoy , Factory Theatre (2006)
Reaney Days, Ausable Theatre (2002)
Relatively Speaking, The Grand Theatre (2006)
Rent, The Royal Alexandra Theatre (1997-98)
The Return of the Prodigal Shaw Festival (2002)
Reverend Jonah, Blyth Festival (2007)
Richard III, Stratford Festival (1997)
Richard III , Stratford Festival (2002)
Risk Everything, Niagara Arts Centre, St. Catharines (2004)
Ritter, Dene, Voss, Alchemy Theatre (2006)
The Road to Carnegie Hall, Waterloo Stage Theatre (1998)
The Rocky Horror Show, CanStage (2007)
Robin Hood , Elgin Theatre (2002-03)
Romancin' the One I Love, Wintergarden Theatre (2000)
Romeo and Juliet, Stratford Festival (1997)
Romeo and Juliet, Stratford Festival (2002)
Roméo et Juliette, Opera Ontario (2005) 
Rosmersholm, Shaw Festival (2006)
Rumors, Weston Little Theatre (1999)
Ruth Draper on Tour,
  Stratford Festival (2005)
Rutherford and Son
, Shaw Festival (2004)
Russell Hill,
Tarragon Theatre, (2003)
Saint Joan, Shaw Festival (2007)

Salome, Canadian Opera Company (2002)
Saucy Jack, Theatre & Company (1995/96)
Savage in Limbo, Actors' Studio of Canada (1998)
The Scarlet Pimpernel, Stratford Festival (2002)
School for Wives, Soulpepper (2000)
The Seagull, Shaw Festival (1997)
The Seagull, Stratford Festival (2001)
The Secret Garden, Waterloo Stage Theatre (1997/98)
The Secret Life, Shaw Festival (1997)
Shadow Play, Shaw Festival (2001)
Shadows, Stratford Festival (2002)
Shakespeare's Will
, Stratford Festival (2007)
Shall We Join The Ladies?
, Shaw Festival Theatre (1996)
The Shape of Things, Canadian Stage (2002)
She Loves Me, Shaw Festival (2000)
She Stoops to Conquer, The Grand Theatre (2000)
Shrew, Canadian Stage (2000)
The Shop at Sly Corner, Shaw Festival (1998)
Siegfried, Company Opera Company (2005)
Sitting on Paradise, Theatre & Company (1996/97)
Six Characters in Search of an Author, Shaw Festival (2000)
Skylight, Tarragon Theatre (2001)
Slavs!, Canadian Stage (2000)
Sleuth , Gypsy Theatre, Fort Erie (2004)
Snow White and the Magnificent Seven, Elgin Theatre (2001)
Snowman, Buddies in Bad Times (2004)
Soldier's Heart, Tarragon Theatre (2001)
Something on the Side
, Shaw Festival (2005)
The Sophie Tucker Story with Teddy Shapiro, Theatre Aquarius (1998)
Sophie Tucker: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas - Victoria Playhouse (2006)
The Sound of Music, Stratford Festival (2001)
The Sound of Music , The Grand Theatre (2005)
South Pacific , Stratford Festival (2006)
Some Assembly Required, Theatre & Company (1997)
Spamalot, Canon Theatre (2006)
Speed-the-Plow, Jane mallet Theatre (2002)
The Spitfire Grill, Grand Theatre (2007)
Spring Awakening, Equity Showcase Theatre (1999)
St. Nicholas, Artword Theatre (2000), Toronto
Steel Magnolias, Theatre Aquarius (1996)
Steel Magnolias, Theatre Sarni (20078)
A Streetcar Named Desire. Grand Theatre (2005)
Sticks and Clones, Theatre Sarnia (2007)
Still Life, Shaw Festival (2000)
Stones in His Pockets, Winter Garden (Mirvish) (2001)
Storm Warning, Theatre in Port (2005)
Summer and Smoke, Shaw Festival (2007)
Sunday Father , Canadian Stage (2003)
Sunset Boulevard, Ford Centre for the Performing Arts (1996), North York (Toronto)
The Swanne: George III: The Death of Cupid, Stratford Festival (2002)
The Swanne, Part 2: Princess Charlotte (The Acts of Venus), Stratford Festival (2003)
The Swanne, Part 3: Queen Victoria, Stratford Festival (2004)
Sweet Bird of Youth, Stratford Festival (1996)
Swollen Tongues, Necessary Angel (2002)
Talley's Folley, Alumnae Theatre (2000)
The Taming of the Shrew, Stratford Festival (1997)
The Taming of the Shrew , Stratford Festival (2003)
The Tempest, Canadian Stage (2001)
The Tempest, Stratford Festival (2005)
Tempest-Tost, Stratford Festival (2001)
The Terrible False Deception, Silly Prat Productions (2002
Test Drive, Victorial Playhouse / Theatre Orangeville (2006)
Time and the Conways, Shaw Festival (2000)
Therac 25, Factory Studio Theatre (2002)
This Hotel Taragon Theatre (2001)
This Is Our Youth, macIDeas (2003)
The Threepenny Opera, Stratford Festival (2002)
Three Tall Women, The Grand Theatre (1996/97)
Tillsonburg, Canadian Stage (2001)
Timon of Athens, Stratford Festival (2004)
The Tinker's Wedding, Shaw Festival (2004)

To Kill a Mockingbird, Stratford Festival (2007)

The Who's Tommy, Elgin Theatre (1995)
Too Many Cooks, Victoria Playhouse (2006) to Aug 12
Top Gun! The Musical, TG!TM Co-Op, Factory Theatre
Together Alone, giant productions at Theatre Passe Muraille (1996)
Tomfoolery, Theatre in Port (2004)
Too True to Be Good, Shaw Festival (2006)
The Trials of Ezra Pound, Stratford Festival (2001)
Traveler In The Dark, Theatre & Company (1995/96)
Troilus and Cressida, Stratford Festival (2003)
Tristan, Shaw Festival (2007)
The Triumph of Love, Artwood Theatre (2001)
The Triumph of Love, Stratford Festival (2004)
True West, Ausable Theatre (2001)
The Turn of the Screw, Taragon Theatre (2002)
The Turn of the Screw,Canadian Opera Company ((2002)
Twas, Theatre Orangeville (2006)
The Two Mrs Carrolls, Shaw Festival (1997)
The Two Noble Kinsmen, Stratford Festival (2002)
Twelfth Night, du Maurier / Soulpepper Theatre (2000)
Twelfth Night, Stratford Festival (2001)
Twelfth Night , Stratford Festival (2006)
2 Pianos, 4 Hands, The Royal Alexandra Theatre (1998)
The Two-headed Roommate, Theatre Aquarius (1998)
Uncle Vanya, Theatre & Company (1996/97)
Uncle Vanya, Soulpepper (2001)
Under Milk Wood, Mercury Theatre, St. Marys (2004)
Urinetown, CanStage Theatre (2004)
Venus and Adonis, Canadian Opera Company (2001)
Vigil, River Run Theatre (2000)
Villa Eden, Blyth Festival Theatre (1996)
Walk Right Up, Stratford Festival (2002)
Waiting for Godot, Stratford Festival Theatre (1996)
Waiting for Godot, Theatre & Company (1998)
Waiting for Godot, Soulpepper (2004)
Waiting for Godot, Theatre Arts Niagara (2004)
Waiting for the Parade, Shaw Festival (2004)
War Brides, Theatre Aquarius (2002)
Well , Tarragon Theatre (2002)
The Weir, Canadian Stage (2000)
What about Luv?, The Waterloo Stage Theatre (1998)
What Lies Before Us, Crow's Theatre  & CanStage (2007)
While the Lights Were Out, Weston Little Theatre (2000)
Whispering Lodge,  Fringe Festival (2005)
A Whistle in the Dark, Company Theatre (2005)
White Mice, Theatre Passe Murraille (2000)
Whole Lotto Love, Theatre on the Grand (1999)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Stratford Festival (2001)
Whose Under Where? Theatre on the Grand (1999)
Widowers' Houses, Shaw Festival (2003)
Wiener Blut , Toronto Operetta Theatre (2005-6)
Wingfield Unbound, Canadian Stage Company (1997)
Wingfield's Inferno,  Stratford Festival (2005)
Wingfield's Inferno, Grand Theatre (2007)
Will Any Gentleman?, Shaw Festival (1997)
Wingfield on Ice, Stratford Festival (2001)
Wingfield on Ice, Touring Production (2002)
Wingfield on Ice, Stratford Festival (2001); The Winter Garden (2003)
The Winter's Tale, Stratford Festival (1998)
The Winter's Tale, Soulpepper (2002)
Wit, Canadian Stage (2001)
The Wizard of Oz, Theatre Aquarius (1996)
Woman of No Importance, Shaw Festival (2000)
Woyzeck, One Man Tag (2002)
Wrong For Each Other, Summer at the Roxy (1997)
Wrong for Each Other, Theatre on the Grand (1999)
Wrong for Each Other, Weston Little Theatre (1999)
The Yalta Game - & - The Bear,
Touchmark Theatre (2006)
Yiimimangaliso: The Mysteries, Broomhill Opera (2003)
You Are Here
, Passe Muraille (2001)
You Can't Take It with You, Shaw Festival (1998)
You Never Can Tell,  Shaw Festival (2005)
Zadie's Shoes, Factory Theatre (2001)

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