Stage Door Reviews of
Theatre Aquarius 1998/99 Season

Stage Door Reviews by Roger Kershaw and Jim Lingerfelt
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Music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Directed and choreographed by Max Reimer
December 9 to 27, 1998
Theatre Aquarius at the Irving Zucker Theatre in the du Maurier Ltd. Centre

A Stage Door Review by Roger Kershaw and Jim Lingerfelt
(Your comments and reviews are also welcome. Please?)

It's a Ball!

We took our three sons, ages 7 and 11, to Theatre Aquarius' newest production last weekend and it was a hit with all five of us. The story ... but, wait, let's let young Keith tell it in his own words:

By Keith J. Kershaw

Cinderella is about a young girl who has to stay with her two evil stepsisters, and her evil stepmother. She is treated very poorly until she meets her fairy godmother. Her fairy godmother grants all Cinderella's wishes. The spell will be broken at midnight. When the clock struck twelve the spell broke and Cinderella ran off without telling the prince her name. On her way out, her glass slipper fell off on the stairs. The prince ordered one of his men to try the slipper on every young woman in the kingdom.

The play was very entertaining, because of the comedy. The set of Cinderella's house was very well-crafted. It had lots of detail in the walls with lots of props. Other sets included the public square, the palace ballroom and the garden. The play's costumes were extremely detailed, with good use of colour. I enjoyed the play because it was only about an hour and a half. This play had some very good, and award-winning, actors like Mary Pitt. The play also stars Melissa Thomson who plays Cinderella and has had numerous roles and stars in CBC's Riverdale. Ian Simpson plays Prince Charming has stared in many plays including The Wizard of Oz and Sherlock Holmes.

One of my favourite parts is when the fairy godmother flies over the wall of Cinderella's house. At the end when they get married confetti fell down from the ceiling. The coach and the horses looked incredibly real. The horses even move their heads.
This play is one of the best I have seen, and I recommend you see it.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

We couldn't agree with you more, Keith. We might also mention the hilarious portrayal of the step sisters, Joy and Portia, by Michael Rawley and Douglas Chamberlain, respectively (that's respectively, not respectfully!). Other principals in the 27-strong cast include Marie Baron as the Fairy Godmother, Robert Godin as The King and Joanne Kirwin Clark as The Queen. Mary Pitt is the stepmother, a role similar to that which garnered her Stage Door Award in Annie (Huron Country Playhouse, 1996).

The gingerbread set was designed by Jean Claude Olivier, and those sumptious costumes you admired are a credit to Victoria Wallace. The 13-piece orchestra was directed by Charles T. Cozens. While Cinderella has never claimed to be one of R&H's finest hour and 45 minutes, it still shares the typical lush orchestrations of perhaps the most famous pair of collaborators in Broadway's history, with several memorable pieces (including the enigmatic Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? [Or Are You Beautiful Because I Love You?] and Ten Minutes Ago).

Director Max Reimer has taken some timely liberties with the script, injecting some political humour that keep the adults in stitches, too. For example, when their Majesties declare a holiday for The Ball, the herald announces that "The banks will be closed. The shops will be closed. Two hundred thirty-eight schools will be closed. Half the hospitals will be closed...."

With an early curtain of 7:00 p.m., it's designed for the younger set, but will delight all. Yes, Keith, we too recommend you see it. Five thumbs up from these reviewers.

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