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Stage Door on the Net announced today the winners of the first annual Stage Door Awards. The twenty awards, also called the Stage Door Johnnies, were made to recognize excellence in live professional theatre on the stages of Southwestern Ontario for the 1995/96 season for winter theatres, and 1996 season for summer festivals. While the Shaw and Stratford festivals presented the highest number of award-winning productions, with nine and five, respectively, productions at the Blyth Festival won three awards, Huron Country Playhouse garnered two, and The Grand took one award.

Drama Awards

The Shaw Festival production of Agatha Christie's The Hollow was selected Best Drama. Also in the category of Drama, Douglas Rain was selected Best Actor for his performance as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, at the Stratford Festival. The Best Actress award was won by Wanda Graham, who played Mrs Alexander Graham Bell in the Blyth Festival production of Ma Belle Mabel. Selected Best Supporting Actor in a Drama was another Blyth Festival actor, Rustey Davenport, for his role in Fireworks. Diana Leblanc's performance as Birdie in The Stratford Festival production of The Little Foxes earned her the Best Supporting Actress award.

Musical Awards

Selected as Best Musical was the Grand Theatre / Canadian Stage co-production of Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music. Dirk Lumbard, as Professor Harold Hill in the Stratford production of Meredith Willson's The Music Man, took the Best Actor in a Musical award. Nora McLellan's role as Lady Lancaster in the Shaw Festival production of Mr Cinders resulted in her receiving the Best Actress Award in this category. Huron Country Playhouse productions gained two awards: David Talbot took the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Me & My Girl; and Annie's Mary Pitt won for Best Supporting Actress.

Comedy Awards

Selected for the Best Comedy Award was the Shaw Festival production of Harold Brighouse's Hobson's Choice. This production also provided both the Best Actor and Best Actress, in Simon Bradbury's portrayal of Willie Mossop, and Corrine Koslo, as Willies wife, Maggie. The Best Supporting Actor award is presented to Gordon Rand for his role in the Shaw production of The Playboy of the Western World, and Barbara Bryne won Best Supporting Actress for her part in Stratfords A Fitting Confusion.

Technical Awards

The final category included technical awards. Selected for the Best Director Award from among all qualifying productions in Southwestern Ontario was Marti Maraden, for her direction of The Merchant of Venice at Stratford. William Schmuck's design for the Shaw Festival production of Hobson's Choice took the award for Best Set Design. Also from the Shaw was The Hollow, which won Best Lighting Award for Scott Henderson, and the lunchtime one-act play, Shall We Join the Ladies, which garnered the Best Costumes award for Kelly Wolf. Stage Doors first Best New Play award is presented to Gordon Portman for his Fireworks, which had its world premiere at the Blyth Festival Theatre.

All live professional stage presentations running at least two weeks on any of the stages of Southwestern Ontario outside of Toronto are eligible for the Stage Door Awards.

List of Nominees for 1996 Stage Door Awards

(Winners indicated by )

Drama Award Nominations
Best Play Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
  • The Devils Disciple (Shaw Festival)
  • The Hollow (Shaw Festival)
  • The Little Foxes(Stratford Festival)
  • The Merchant of Venice (Stratford)
  • Sweet Bird of Youth (Stratford)
  • Roland Hewgill (The Merchant of Venice)
  • Geordie Johnson (Sweet Bird of Youth)
  • Douglas Rain (The Merchant of Venice)
  • Gordon Rand (The Devils Disciple)
  • Janet Amos (Fireworks, Blyth Festival)
  • Susan Coyne (The Merchant of Venice)
  • Wanda Graham (Ma Belle Mabel, Blyth)
  • Martha Henry (nominated twice, for Sweet Bird of Youth and The Little Foxes).
  • Brian Bedford (The Little Foxes)
  • Wayne Best (The Merchant of Venice)
  • Douglas E Hughes (The Hollow)
  • Rustey Davenport (Fireworks, Blyth)
  • Gerry Mackay (The Merchant of Venice).
  • Liza Balkan (Ma Belle Mabel)
  • Diana Leblanc (The Little Foxes, Stratford)
  • Nora McLellan (The Devils Disciple)
  • Jan Alexandra Smith (The Hollow)
Musical Award Nominations
Best Play Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
  • Annie (Huron Country Playhouse)
  • A Little Night Music (The Grand Theatre)
  • Mr Cinders (Shaw)
  • The Music Man (Stratford)
  • She Loves Me (Drayton Festival).
  • Richard Binsley (Mr Cinders)
  • Benedict Campbell (A Little Night Music, The Grand)
  • Dirk Lumbard (The Music Man, Stratford)
  • David Rodgers (She Loves Me, Drayton Festival)
  • Patricia Collins (A Little Night Music )
  • June Crowley (The Music Man, Stratford)
  • Allison Grant (She Loves Me, Drayton Festival)
  • Nora McLellan (Mr Cinders, Shaw Festival)
  • David Talbot (Me & My Girl, Huron Country Playhouse)
  • Michael Therriault (She Loves Me, Drayton Festival)
  • John Ullyatt (A Little Night Music, Grand Theatre)
  • Jonathan Wexler (The Music Man)
  • Anne Louise Bannon (She Loves Me, Drayton Festival)
  • Karen K. Edissi (The Music Man, Stratford Festival)
  • Mary Pitt (Annie, Huron Country Playhouse).
Comedy Award Nominations
Best Play Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
  • As You Like It (Stratford Festival)
  • A Fitting Confusion (Stratford Festival)
  • Hobsons Choice (Shaw Festival)
  • The Playboy of the Western World (Shaw Festival)
  • Waiting for Godot (Stratford Festival).
  • Michael Ball (Hobsons Choice, Shaw Festival)
  • Simon Bradbury (Hobsons Choice, Shaw Festival)
  • Tom McCamus (Waiting for Godot)
  • Stephen Ouimette (nominated twice, for A Fitting Confusion and Waiting for Godot)
  • Kelli Fox (The Playboy of the Western World, Shaw Festival)
  • Corrine Koslo (Hobsons Choice, Shaw Festival )
  • Jane Spidell (As You Like It, Stratford Festival)
  • Kevin Bundy (As You Like It, Stratford Festival)
  • Tim MacDonald (Waiting for Godot, Stratford Festival)
  • Barry MacGregor (A Fitting Confusion, Stratford Festival)
  • Gordon Rand (The Playboy of the Western World)
  • Mike Shara (Hobson's Choice)
  • Barbara Bryne (A Fitting Confusion, Stratford Festival)
  • Alison Woolridge (Hobsons Choice, Shaw Festival)
  • Jocelyne Zucco (Villa Eden, Blyth).
Technical Award Nominations
Best Director Best Set Design Best Lighting Best Costumes Best New Play
  • Paul Lampert (The Hollow, Shaw)
  • Glynis Leyshon (The Devil's Disciple, Shaw)
  • Marti Maraden (The Merchant of Venice, Stratford)
  • Jim Mezon (The Playboy of the Western World, Shaw)
  • Christopher Newton (Hobson's Choice, Shaw)
  • Michael Shamata (A Little Night Music, The Grand).
  • Morris Ertman (A Fitting Confusion)
  • Peter Hartwell (The Devil's Disciple)
  • Cameron Porteous (nominated twice, for The Hollow and The Playboy of the Western World)
  • William Schmuck (Hobsons Choice, Shaw Festival)
  • Guido Tondino (The Little Foxes, Stratford Festival).
  • Elizabeth Asselstine (The Playboy of the Western World)
  • Scott Henderson (The Hollow, Shaw Festival)
  • Michael J Whitfield (Waiting for Godot)
  • Robert Thomson (The Devil's Disciple)
  • Leslie Wilkinson (Fireworks, Blyth Festival)
  • Patrick Clark (King Lear)
  • Martha Mann (A Fitting Confusion)
  • Cameron Porteous (nominated twice, for The Hollow and The Playboy of the Western World)
  • William Schmuck (Mr Cinders, Shaw Festival)
  • Kelly Wolf (Shall We Join the Ladies?, Shaw Festival)
  • Gordon Portman's Fireworks (Blyth Festival)
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